The Institute of Children at Al-Quds University holds a lecture entitled Environmental Violence and University Violence
Provide diagnostic, therapeutic, psychological and educational services
Enhance and develop research in the different fields related to childhood

Center Message

The center aim to provide diagnostic, therapeutic, psychological and educational services for children with special needs in order to help their inclusion in their schools and community at large.

& to provide support services for families and parents of children with learning and developmental difficulties through training and psychosocial support and interventions.

Our Projects

Critical Thinking – Talented Children

The Child Institute of Al-Quds University is playing an essential role by supporting and providing means of creative education for gifted and talented children. This is done through sessions of teaching critical, scientific thinking and deductive thinking, scientific research, creativity, family and school guidance. The Institute also provides support for children with problems in mathematics through an integrated and holistic approach in working with these children (i.e. conducting scientific, technical, etc. programs).

The program aims at enhancing and providing children with new experiences, through various forms of support, with the aim to give them rich scientific experience that will guide them professionally. It also aims at expanding their technical and professional horizons, and to foster their critical thinking skills and knowledge in different scientific fields, through the introduction, recognition and implementation of modern teaching and learning methods.

Main Aims of the Program

1. To give students the opportunity to know and appreciate their abilities, capabilities, skills and enhance it.
2. To develop the skills for innovation, creativity, and the love for knowledge and research.
3. To develop the skills for taking initiatives, teamwork and cooperation.
4. To enrich children’s talents in sciences and mathematics.
5. To enable children to plan their future academic field(s) by help guiding them to choose the university and specialisation that corresponds to their skills and abilities.

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