Gender Based Violence Program Supported

Gender Based Violence Program
Supported by the Norwegian Representative Office
In cooperation with Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association

The aim of the program/initiative is to utilise the media, whether social or mainstream media, to help highlight the issue of gender-based violence among Al-Quds university students.

The program helped Child Institute to cooperate with the different colleges/departments in the university (Media, Education, Students Affairs, etc.) to send a clear message to the students, regardless of their backgrounds, and through focused-group sessions in which several topics is discussed, aiming at raising students awareness regarding gender-based violence. The discussions were recorded and broadcasted through mainstream and digital social media, including the university webpage, in order to highlight this very critical subject. It also tempted to establish a lobby group in the university that will lead the advocacy on this subject and have a forum among university students that will lead the efforts in the future.

Aim of the Program/Initiative:

  • To formulate the develop the social conscious for the university students on the GBV, health and reproductive rights among university students through the use of mainstream and digital social media.
  • To help increase the awareness of the Palestinian youth at the university regarding GBV and sexual and reproductive health.
  • To utilise mainstream and digital social media in advocacy campaigns against the GBV amongst girls and women.
  • To help establish lobby groups inside the university that focuses on GBV, as an advocacy initiative for the future.
  • To help establish a core group of media team at the university that focuses on subjects related to GBV through their use of digital social media and mainstream media tools.

Speech, Language and Hearing Problems Clinic

The Speech, Language and Hearing Problems Clinic of the Child Institute, with its two units in the University Campuses in Beit Hanina and Abu Dees, aims at conducting hearing tests, among other things, for people of all ages. It provides professional consultations for the rehabilitation of people with hearing, language and speech problems; using modern technologies for assessment, diagnosis and interventions.

The clinics also provide follow-up and rehabilitation services for people with speech and language problems, working closely, throughout the process, by the family.

Areas of Interventions

  • Speech problems, articulation, Clift and lip palate, stuttering
  • Specialised and well-trained team

The CI Clinics has a specialised team who worked directly with the beneficiary and his/her family; and in close coordination with ENT doctors, Paediatricians, other related disciplines including working with special education and inclusions professionals.

Critical Thinking – Talented Children

The Child Institute of Al-Quds University is playing an essential role by supporting and providing means of creative education for gifted and talented children. This is done through sessions of teaching critical, scientific thinking and deductive thinking, scientific research, creativity, family and school guidance. The Institute also provides support for children with problems in mathematics through an integrated and holistic approach in working with these children (i.e. conducting scientific, technical, etc. programs).

The program aims at enhancing and providing children with new experiences, through various forms of support, with the aim to give them rich scientific experience that will guide them professionally. It also aims at expanding their technical and professional horizons, and to foster their critical thinking skills and knowledge in different scientific fields, through the introduction, recognition and implementation of modern teaching and learning methods.

Main Aims of the Program

1. To give students the opportunity to know and appreciate their abilities, capabilities, skills and enhance it.
2. To develop the skills for innovation, creativity, and the love for knowledge and research.
3. To develop the skills for taking initiatives, teamwork and cooperation.
4. To enrich children’s talents in sciences and mathematics.
5. To enable children to plan their future academic field(s) by help guiding them to choose the university and specialisation that corresponds to their skills and abilities.

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