• To provide diagnostic, therapeutic, psychological and educational services for children with special needs in order to help their inclusion in their schools and community at large.

  • To provide support services for families and parents of children with learning and developmental difficulties through training and psychosocial support and interventions.

  • To build and improve the capacity of professionals and university students in the field of education, special education and therapeutic interventions (i.e. occupational therapy, communications therapy, speech and language problems, etc.).

  • To enhance and develop research in the different fields related to childhood.

Vision & Mission

Child Institute Vision

A Palestinian child with his rights recognised, able to be equal to the rest of children in his environment; with Palestinian institutions working professionally to deliver their services and promote these rights.

Child Institute Mission

Child Institute is a specialised centre that delivers services for children, professionals, and Palestinians institutions working with the child; through the provisions of educational and therapeutic services, development of training programmes that build the capacity of staff working with children. Additionally, the Child Institute aims at developing academic programmes, studies and researches that contribute towards advancing and enhancing the services provided to children in Palestine and the Arab world.

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